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Poledance Trainer Training Courses

Warm up

A professional warm-up is the key to successful training results. As a trainer, it is your responsibility not only to motivate your students, but also to prepare them for the training in the best possible way. Our warm-up training is the first step on your journey to becoming a professional trainer.
In our training you will learn how to design individually adapted warm-up programmes to prevent injuries and increase the performance of your students.
This is what awaits you:
- Music theory &Cuing
- Exercises
- Posture
- Course entry.

Poledance Beginner Instructor

The prerequisites for a Basic Poledance Trainer are

  • At least 1 year of poledance training and mastery of all basic poledance figures incl. basic inverts.
  • current first aid certificate
  • The module "Warm-up" and "Anatomy & Physiology" or an already existing trainer's licence e.g. group fitness trainer.

The training includes:

  • Learn didactic training
  • Lesson structure and design
  • Pole fitness basics 
  • Spins, tricks, floor element and pole figures
  • Health, Safety & Spotting

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and physiology are crucial for coaches and trainers, especially in pole dancing:

  • Security: Prevents injuries through accurate positioning of muscles, tendons and joints, as well as safe technique.
  • Effectiveness: Targeted exercises on specific muscles increase training effectiveness and goals.
  • Adaptation: Individual anatomy requires adapted exercises for optimal results.
  • Avoidance of overloadKnowledge of muscle function prevents overuse and injury.
  • Quality teaching: Teaching how movements work, activate muscles and avoid discomfort.
  • Building trustExpert explanations create confidence and increase motivation.
  • Holistic approach: Viewing the body as a whole for health-promoting training programmes.

In disciplines such as pole dancing, the combination of training science and anatomy/physiology is paramount for safe and effective training.

Stretching for Pole Dance

A Poledance Stretching Instructor training focuses on providing instructors with the skills and knowledge required to instruct safe and effective stretching techniques in the context of poledance.
The participant must have already completed the module Anatomy & Physiology or the basic knowledge must be available:

Learning content:
- Lesson design and structure
- Diaconal learning methods
- Basics for effective stretching in pole dancing

Poledance Intermediate Instructor

The requirements for a Poledance Intermediate Trainer are

  • mastering all basic inverts incl. shouldermount, extended butterfly, handstand variations etc.
  • current first aid certificate
  • The module "Warm-up" as well as "Anatomy & Physiology" and a Basic Pole Trainer licence.

Pole Conditioning Instructor

The prerequisites for a Pole Conditioning Trainer are

  • Regular participation in Poledance Advanced courses
  • current first aid certificate
  • The Warm-up and Anatomy & Physiology Module

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