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Poledance Mannheim

Welcome to Pole and Move!
Our pole studios are located in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ketsch and Ludwigshafen.

Pole and Move

Edisonstraße 20,
68309 Mannheim

Pole and Move

Main Street 58,
69214 Eppelheim

Pole and Move

Gutenbergstraße 36,
68775 Ketsch

Pole and Move

Raschigstraße 100,
67067 Ludwigshafen on the Rhine

Customer reviews

Julia N.
Tolles Studio, nette Trainer und super Workshops. Komme immer gerne!
Ciaran Barron
Schlechte Kundenbetreuung
Alexandra F.
Vor 3 Jahre habe ich hier einen Schnupperkurs besucht und bin mittlerweile Mitglied. Die Trainer können gut erklären und schaffen es, mich auch an einem schlechten Tag zu motivieren. Ich fühl mich sehr wohl hier.
June Sunwoo
Ich liebe diesen Sport, weil er alles bietet, was wichtig für die körperliche Fitness und Gesundheit ist: Flexibilität, Kraft, Ausdauer. Bei Pole and ;Move kann man sich online einfach in die Kurse einbuchen und einen Termin wählen. Da ich selbstständig bin ist es für mich wichtig, dass ich keine fixen Kurse habe, sondern dann gehen kann, wenn ich Zeit habe. Die Trainer sind alle sehr nett und kompetent. Und die Menschen, die man dort zum Sport machen trifft, sind durchweg offen und freundlich.
Sandra Wilhelm
Pole and Move ist DIE Adresse für alle, die in den Polesport einsteigen oder sich weiterentwickeln möchten. Die Atmosphäre im Studio ist freundschaftlich, wohlwollend und vertrauenswürdig. Die Trainerinnen unterstützen, motivieren und inspirieren! Es gibt regelmäßige Workshop-Angebote in jedwede Richtung (Arial Hoop, Twerking, Exotic Pole, externe Trainer, uvm.). Ich fühle mich hier 'Zuhause' und kann das Studio wärmstens empfehlen. :)
Carmen Sch.
Super Pole Studio mit tollen Trainerinnen! Fühl mich dort sehr wohl
Jessika Posein
Hier mehrere Räume. Viele Kurse zur Auswahl. Viele Trainer, alle sehr nett und professionell. Für jeden etwas dabei der sich für Pole interessiert.
Pamela Bauer
Super Poledance-Studio mit sehr lieben und kompetenten Trainerinnen. Das Training findet in kleinen Kursen mit sehr individueller Betreuung statt, was ich ganz toll finde. Ich mag die familiäre und harmonische Atmosphäre im Studio sehr gerne, freue mich auf jede Trainingsstunde 😊❤
Bianca Daugsch
Tolles Studio und ein tolles Team von Trainern. Für jung und alt geeigneter Sport. Ein sehr nettes und freundliches Miteinander unter den Mitgliedern.
Lorythme M
Habe für dieses Studio einer Freundin zum Geburtstag einen Gutschein holen wollen (Sie ist ein begeistertes Mitglied). Als ich dann anrief um mich genauer zu erkundigen wurde ich sofort sehr freundlich beraten und aufgeklärt. Bin daher mit dem Kundenkontakt total zufrieden und wenn ich in Mannheim wohnen würde, würde ich definitiv dort meine Kurse belegen! 😊
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Pole Dance Mannheim Pole and Move Pole Dance Acrobatics Jungbusch Ludwigshafen Ketsch Course Courses Yoga

Yours Enquiries and reservations especially for Hen Parties/Private Pole Parties You can also send us your request via the contact form. You will receive a reply within 2 days.

If you do not receive any feedback, something may have gone wrong and we would ask you to send your request again by email to team[at]poleandmove.de to send.

Pole and Move is a young and motivated company in the sports and fitness industry, which focuses mainly on the self-confident lady of today.
Here, our pole dance classes are in special focus.
The new trend sport of pole dancing originally comes from America and finds its roots in the artistry and show business.
Pole and Move offers pole dancing as a purely sporting activity.
The "dance on the pole" combines fitness, yoga, gymnastics and acrobatics elements. Those who practise pole dancing experience a new body feeling after only a short time.
At Pole and Move, classes are taught in small groups and are individually designed. In addition, our courses are of a high quality and are taught by internationally experienced Trainers taught.

We look forward to all dance and sports enthusiasts who would like to visit us.

With sporting greetings
Pole & Move

Pole Dance Mannheim Pole and Move Pole Dance Acrobatics Jungbusch Ludwigshafen Ketsch Course Courses Yoga


The Pole and Move Team Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ketsch and Ludwigshafen

Official member
Organisation of the German Pole Sports e. V. 

Organiser and official partner studio
Aerial Amity Art

Pole and Move

Edisonstraße 20,
68309 Mannheim

Pole and Move

Main Street 58,
69214 Eppelheim

Pole and Move

Gutenbergstraße 36,
68775 Ketsch

Pole and Move

Raschigstraße 100,
67067 Ludwigshafen

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I have a degree in business administration with a focus on sports management and am a multi-licensed fitness, aerobics and pole dance trainer.

Since 1998 I have taught various courses such as aerobics, step, fitness boxing, spinal gymnastics and barbell training in gyms and clubs.

In addition, I have trained fitness and aerobics trainers for the Hessischer Turnverband e.V. and am now the initiator and trainer of Pole & Move trainers. During my many years in the fitness industry, I also discovered pole sports and opened the first pole studio in 2013.

Lea Roth

  • 1st place IPSF World Championship Pole Double 2021
  • 4th place IPSF World Championship Pole Elite 2021
  • 4 times - - German Pole Sport Champion - IPSF Winner - 2016/2017/2019/2021 - Category Elite
  • German Polesport Champion - 2021 - IPSF Winner - Mixed Double Category
  • IPSF Winner 2015 - Professional Seniors Woman Category - German Pole Sport Champion
  • Steel on Fire Winner 2015 - Elite Category
  • Pole Theatre Ireland Winner Professional Classique.


I am a Bachelor of Art in Fitness Training and a certified dancer from Art Revolution. I am also licensed in Zumba, Pilates and Dance Aerobics and work full-time as a fitness and dance trainer.

I am also a Pole and Move instructor and specialise in high level figures and spotting. In addition, I teach pole dance at the highest level, but also look forward to all newcomers who want to train pole fitness with enthusiasm and a strong will.


I started pole fitness training almost 10 years ago as a student at Pole and Move in Mannheim. My love for pole ignited, so alongside my main job at the time as a hotel manageress, I soon signed up for an internal pole training course.
I have been part of the team as a trainer since the studio opened and teach Pole Beginner and Intermediate classes in Ketsch and Heidelberg.

In the meantime, I have hung up my main job and work as an assistant to the management and trainer at Pole and Move.

I am very happy and proud to be a big part of Pole and Move and have found my dream job.


2nd place Steel on Fire 2019 Advanced
PSO Zurich Level 4: 3rd place

I have been training and teaching pole dance, exotic pole and aerial hoop for over 8 years now, so I have gained several pole, hoop and group fitness trainer licenses over the years. . I came to pole dancing during a study visit to California. I was quickly gripped by pole fever, because until then I had not found any other sport (apart from recreational horse riding) that was so much fun and at the same time demanded so much of me: strength, flexibility, endurance and elegance.

Whereas in the past I would have described myself as absolutely unsporty, today I can even pass on my acquired knowledge and skills to others. In addition, I have already gained my first championship experience. The polevirus has infected me and I am looking forward to many more experiences!


I am a professionally trained stage dancer from Australia and have more than 10 years of dance experience on a national and international level. I have danced in Moulin Rouge Paris, Cirque du Vegas and have been a showgirl at many dinner shows such as Radio Regenbogen - Palazzo Mannheim and Palais Landau. At Pole and Move I mainly teach Burlesque, Chairdance and Aerial Hoop and Pole Beginner classes. I would be happy if you came to visit me in Mannheim.


"Never mess with a woman who hangs upside-down for fun!

Before I came to pole dancing, I was on skis, snowboard and horseback.

After a pole taster course, however, the elegance and versatility of this sport excited me and I was immediately impressed by what you can achieve at airy heights with discipline and continuous training.

I also particularly enjoy the resulting photos with the figures I have learned, on which I can document my constant progress!

I am fully motivated, passionate and enthusiastic and I really enjoy seeing how my students develop and thrive in pole sport!


I have a Bachelor of Fitness Science and Fitness Economics and run my own physiotherapy practice. I also have many additional qualifications in the areas of medical training, fitness, rehabilitation and pole dance and am therefore part of the Pole and Move instructor team.

I have been teaching at Pole and Move for many years and can mainly be found in the Heidelberg and Ketsch studios. My focus there is on teaching pole dance, stretching, mobility and children's classes.


I am a freelance fitness and dance trainer and my love for sport started at the age of 5 as a competitive gymnast.

Afterwards, I became enthusiastic about carnival and show dancing and started working as a choreographer and trainer for the first time. My fascination for pole dancing and pole fitness also arose from this time. The elegance and aesthetics of this sport enchanted me immediately and so I decided to learn pole acrobatics. I have been teaching pole dance with great enthusiasm and dedication for 3 years now and am especially happy to be able to share my great passion with you at Pole and Move.


Sport Acrobatics German Champion 2011 Juniors

I study molecular biotechnology in Heidelberg. In my youth, I did sports acrobatics for 11 years, competing in many national and international competitions (German Junior Champion 2009).

In 2010, I switched to the youth circus and trained on the vertical cloth. Here I also taught aerial artistry.

A few years ago I discovered pole dancing, which is the ideal balance to my studies. Like acrobatics, pole dancing inspires me with its combination of aesthetics and strength. I look forward to sharing my fun and joy in pole dancing with you!


2nd place Steel on Fire - Exotik Beginner

Ever since I can remember, dancing has been my absolute passion. I started classical ballet at the age of five and have tried almost every dance style since then. But it was pole that literally got me stuck. No sport has ever challenged me more and given me more pleasure. I like to pass on this feeling of happiness to the participants of my classes at Pole and Move. After my internal training, I mainly teach exotic and beginner classes in Ketsch.


I have been a trainer at Pole and Move since 2018.

My strengths lie in dance expression, elegance and improvisation.

Besides the important basics and choreography, you will learn to develop your personal style and expression.

I teach Pole Beginner, Aerial Hoop Beginner & Intermediate, and Stretching classes.

In my classes I would like to share my enthusiasm for pole sport with you.

I look forward to great lessons with you!


I have been dancing ever since I can remember. It all started with ballet, which was first replaced by hip-hop and finally by classical couple dance. But I was forced into pole dancing more by choice when I accompanied a good friend to a trial class a few years ago. That evening I fell in love with the sport. Through pole and its many facets I found my inner strength and built up an unimagined self-confidence. Since that time, fun, ambition and

I look forward to seeing my students every hour as I pass on my love for the sport. For me, progress and the joy that comes with it is the greatest gift and I want to see my girls and boys grow. Pole is more than just a sport for me and I like to pass that on.


Although my passion is dancing, I had never managed to turn dancing into a sport. That changed when I joined the Pole and Move pole dance class. I was immediately hooked and discovered a new love!

Pole dancing was exactly what I had always been looking for; the perfect mix of sport and dance.

To this day, I go to every training session with full joy and never feel like I have to motivate myself to exercise.

I have recently joined Pole & Move and am delighted to see the positive impact this sport has on our students every lesson.


Pole dancing is the perfect balance to my main job in the office. I love this dance sport and work with great ambition on new acrobatic elements, creative choreographies and new techniques on the spinning pole.
My experiences from roller skating and related exhibition skating bring me to new funny ideas and strong dance expression. Through regular and hard training I will grow together with my students and it gives me great pleasure to share my enthusiasm for dance and movement!


I discovered my love for pole dancing at Pole and Move and am now an internally trained coach. However, my sporting origins are in floor and apparatus gymnastics, so I love small, power-intensive combinations of great and versatile figures. As a trainer, you can usually find me in the Mannheim studio. In my classes, I would like to share some of my joy and fun with you in pole and hoop.


I am a trainee physiotherapist and internally trained Pole and Move trainer.
I discovered my enthusiasm for dancing at the age of 6 in ballet and for some years now my favourite sport has been pole dancing. I mainly teach classes up to intermediate level in Ketsch.


Before pole dancing, I kept trying out different sports, but I never found a sport that I was really passionate about. Since I took part in a taster course at Pole and Move, I was immediately caught up in pole fever and finally found a sport that was the perfect mix of gymnastics and dance for me. Today, pole dancing has become my passion and I always enjoy going to training without feeling like I have to force or motivate myself to exercise.

I eventually trained as a trainer at Pole and Move and teach pole dance classes in Ketsch and Heidelberg.

I am delighted to be able to introduce you to this wonderful sport.


2nd place Open Europe Pole Champion 2023

I'm Anabel, 19 years old and I started pole dancing in December 2021. Sport has always been an important part of my life - whether it's swimming, horse riding, archery or martial arts - I've always loved exercise. But it was pole dancing that first awakened a fiery ambition in me. I love how strength, flexibility and feeling flow together and give me a whole new feeling for my body.

Once in the air, I leave the rest of the world on the ground and when I dance, the world stands still for me. I think that's what you call passion and I'm very happy to share this passion.


I discovered my enthusiasm for pole dancing in 2019 during a taster course at Pole and Move.

Since then, pole dancing has become an integral part of my life and the perfect balance to my full-time office job. I love passing on my passion for pole dancing to my students and, as an internally trained instructor, I literally show them the most beautiful way to lose the ground under their feet.

I mainly teach in the morning studio at Studio Pole and Move Ludwigshafen.


I love that Pole gives me the opportunity to improve my performance and skills outside the pressure of a team structure but still within a team.

Sport challenges you, you have to grow beyond yourself, push yourself physically to your limits, but at the same time it encourages a connection to your own body and thus also self-confidence. All this in a protected environment with many great personalities who accompany and support you along the way.

I think it's great to be able to pass on my love of sport as a trainer and I'm looking forward to teaching one or two of you in my course.


My heart beats for pole dancing, at first it was out of curiosity to try something new, after training in martial arts for a very long time, I am now even a qualified pole and move trainer. 

The combination of strength, coordination and the confidence to surpass yourself inspires me again and again in poling.

I am happy to pass on my knowledge and to be able to accompany the beginning of a few more Pole stories.


As a young child, I discovered my love of acrobatics in competitive gymnastics and took part in many competitions.

Some time ago, I was inspired by the elegance of pole acrobatics in a taster course at Pole and Move, and so I discovered a new love for dance and strength sports on the pole.

I want to inspire my students in the beginner course in Mannheim with the aesthetics of this sport and the joy of choreography through combinations of dance elements and basics.

I want to share the fun, the happiness of success and the passion with you!


My roots lie in standard and Latin dancing. Before I discovered pole dancing, I was part of a Latin formation for two years and was able to get a taste of competition dancing there. I've been training with Pole and Move since 2019 and am now certain that pole dancing is the perfect sport for me. No feeling compares to finally pulling off a trick you've been struggling with for weeks and I'm happy to be able to pass on my love of pole to others.


My name is Duygu and I've recently joined the team of trainers at the Pole and Move studio. When I started pole dancing in 2020, I could only dream about it because I had no strength or flexibility. But during my taster session, I realised that the Pole and Move studio is a place without ego or judgement. After the 70-minute course, I left the studio full of endorphins.

I look forward to you exploring your skills with me and leaving your training sessions full of endorphins.


I come from roller derby, a full-contact sport on roller skates, but I felt the need for new challenges. I had been wanting to try pole dancing for a long time and got stuck in straight away. Pole dancing is a lot of fun, but I also discovered my love for cardio training at Jumping Fitness with Pole and Move.

I am now a licensed jumping trainer and teach the jumping course in Ketsch.
I look forward to welcoming you as a participant in my course and infecting you with my positive energy.


I am a qualified sports and fitness manager and run a fitness studio full-time. Pole dancing is also one of my favourite pastimes and I am passionate about teaching pole and dance classes in Ketsch and Heidelberg in my spare time.


...coming soon.....


My nickname is Jessi and I am a qualified Pole & Move trainer.
The multifaceted nature of pole is what inspires me the most, so my body awareness and self-confidence have benefited greatly. 

And I would also like to introduce you to the positive effects of my favourite sport in my lessons. My pole studio is the Pole & Move Studio in Mannheim Käfertal.

I look forward to welcoming you to my courses!


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Dancing runs through my life like a red thread: I started with jazz at the age of 5, then hip-hop, dance theatre, carnival dancing, roller skating, figure skating and cheerleading. I've been pole dancing since my semester abroad in Brazil in 2016, where I not only learnt the local language and made good friends at the pole studio in Sao Paulo, but also discovered a great passion: dancing and acrobatics on the pole. My favourite moves are the "Flexy" figures, which is why I am passionate about teaching stretching, beginner and intermediate courses. I am also sporty without pole, I love outdoor sports such as snowboarding, diving, wakeboarding and surfing.


Before I started pole dancing, I practised HIIT as a sport for 3 years and was also a HIIT instructor for 2 years. In 2019, a friend gave me a taster lesson for fun - I never expected that pole dancing would be so much fun and that I was capable of elegant movements! Now pole dancing is a passion that constantly challenges me, but also allows me to be creative, because I like to discover new variations and am always looking for the right music to go with the combos.

As your qualified Pole & Move trainer, I not only want to infect you with my passion for pole dancing, but also help you progress in your training with lots of motivation. I am a fan of beautiful spinning combos and attach great importance to clean and elegant execution.


My name is Lisa. I've been dancing and doing sport for as long as I can remember. Pole dancing has become my passion. It's much more than just sport. I am a certified aerial hoop trainer and was trained as a pole dance trainer at Pole and Move. You can find me in Eppelheim in the exotic pole and beginner pole area.


I have a state examination in sports science and am a qualified trainer in gymnastics, rhythm, dance and apparatus gymnastics.

I have also been training at my favourite studio Pole and Move in Eppelheim since 2023 and am currently also a trainer for the Stronger for Pole courses there.

I am happy about all my course participants and to make you stronger and fitter for pole training.


I've been with Pole and Move since January 2023. Pole dancing enchanted me from the very first moment. I love the combination of strength and dance, but also what a great community there is in pole dancing.

I really enjoy my work as a trainer and I am delighted to be able to share this with you in my stretching and beginner courses!


Before I came to pole dancing, I had already tried out many different sports - but none of them had inspired and motivated me so much. The combination of strength and flexibility, as well as the rapid progress, have made pole dancing my favourite sport. I am now an internally qualified trainer at Pole and Move and look forward to sharing the fun and passion of pole with you.